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The Australian Entrepreneurs Alliance presents the 2nd annual all virtual EntrepreneurFEST with sessions courtesy of Entrepreneur Facilitators from around the nation. Entrepreneur Facilitator Services are free through funding from the Federal Government supporting business start-ups & established small business.


10am - 11am - EntrepreneurFEST Launch & Keynote

Join the Australian Entrepreneur's Alliance for the official Launch of EntrepreneurFEST featuring…

10.00am - Welcome to Country & Welcome by the Honourable Stuart Robert MP - Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small & Family Business - Setting the Scene with the Australian Entrepreneurs Alliance.

10.07am - Entrepreneurship Facilitators share their insights into doing business in 2022 & why business needs to prepare for the 'Boom' in 2022.

10.17am - Michael McQueen - Futurist & Author - is a multi-award winning speaker, trend forecaster and bestselling author of 9 books. With clients including KPMG, Pepsi and Cisco, he has helped some of the world’s most successful brands navigate disruption and maintain momentum. In addition to featuring regularly as a commentator on TV and radio, Michael is a familiar face on the international conference circuit having shared the stage with the likes of Bill Gates, Dr. John Maxwell and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Michael shares with us...

  • Mastering the Art of Momentum

  • Trends we'll start to see in 2022

  • How to capitalise on those Trends

  • Megatrends that will shape the next Decade

  • Becoming less vulnerable to disruption

10.37am - Entrepreneurship Facilitators share their insights on how to stay motivated in business and ways to build momentum into 2022.

Monday September 27


12pm - 1.30pm - Will it Work? Validating Your Business Idea - Cheryl Royle

Got a business idea but dont know if it will work? We have all heard that many business fail within the first year.  We are often told the the main reason is the lack of money or bad execution. Though the root cause is usually lack of proper market research. 


To learn if a business idea has a chance to succeed, it needs to be validated. In this session, we’ll take a look at idea validation from the perspective of validating a new business idea, concept or a product. We’ll also introduce some tools that you can use to discover whether or not your idea has real potential. This session is suited for...

  • Startup Entrepreneur who wants to test the building blocks of your business model to avoid wasting the time, energy, and money of the team, cofounders, and investors. 

  • Solopreneur who has a side hustle or an idea that isn’t quite yet a business

Cheryl Royle, the Entrepreneurship Facilitator for the Hunter Region, has 25 years of experience running businesses and educating, supporting and coaching thousands of startup business owners, executives, freelancers, consultants, artists and entrepreneurs across Australia. 




Tuesday September 28

10am - 11.30am - Building a No Code Website from Scratch - Brody Oxenham

Having your own website can be a great tool to help your clients find you. It can be as simple as one page, or several pages showcasing your products and services to let the world know what you do.

In this online workshop, Brody Oxenham will help you understand the tools available to build a website without any skills or knowledge in coding or development. 

He will unpack the platforms that can be used and provide tips on how to design a professional-looking website in your own time and all by yourself. 

By the end of this session, you will be ready to tinker and create your own website for your business.


Brody is a University qualified marketer who runs his own business Manexo Media, helping entrepreneurs use digital marketing to grow their business.

12pm - 1pm - Building a Business you can Sell - Scotty Schindler

Whether you’ve thought about selling your business down the track – or whether it’s something that you’ve never contemplated – understanding how to build a business that will have maximum value for a potential purchaser will help to ensure that you build the most valuable business for Yourself - & if & when the time comes to sell, that You’re in the best position to maximise the return. In this Workshop we’ll explore…

• How Your Profits Make More Money

• The Value of Your Clients

• The importance of Multiple Streams of Revenue

• What’s involved in the Sales Process

• The Value of Data

Scotty Schindler was the Founder of ReNet Real Estate Software – Founded in 2002 with 1 Client, when Scotty successfully sold the Business in 2015 ReNet had amassed nearly 6,000 Clients throughout Australia & New Zealand, and sold over 1.125 trillion dollars in Real Estate. 

2pm - 3pm - Predict & Control what your Business will look like in 2022 & Beyond - Marton Medina

Join us for an hour with internationally respected business guru, Marton Medina, live and direct from California for this powerful presentation.


  • How to predict if your business will look like the one you dream of and envision, so you can realign and re-adjust your workday (if necessary) as you move into 2022 and beyond

  • What the ultimate barrier to blocking that prediction is, so you can take it on successfully while working to bring your vision to life

  • How to blow through that barrier and rid yourself of all the chaos and stress that comes with it, so you can finally take control of your business and your life

  • How to apply the QP predictor to your business today.

  • Q&A session at end.

Marton Medina is based in the United States and has 25+ years of entrepreneurial and business owner experience with solid academic training to back it up. He is uniquely qualified with a talent for simplifying, teaching and authoring the most complicated and integral parts of business into his presentations. With his team he runs iThink Business Academy. More than ever before, it's time to think forward strategically so you act confidently today. That frozen feeling of indecision can be paralyzing.

5pm - 6pm - 6-Degrees Connect - Pitch Your Passion with 6-Degrees Coffs Coast

It’s a pitch, it’s a mentoring session, it’s a bit of both and more. Expect a casual and informative space where two Coffs Coast Start-Ups will pitch and discuss their new business ideas and ventures. And, you get to join in and provide feedback! Pitchers include...


  • Bex Mordaunt from Ignite Small Business Start-ups' introduces the newly established not-for-profit organisation, The Myanmar Community Agricultural Cooperative (MCAC). MCAC offers refugee communities from agri-cultural backgrounds access to land and a pathway to self-enterprise, employment, education, mentorship and ultimately financial independence. Ignite Small Business Start-ups - www.ignite.ssi.org.au

  • James Saunders of Nutricore Labs - a new venture focused on elevating human health and wellbeing by providing natural products like superfood powders that can significantly enhance nutrition. Nutricore Labs is a new start-up that has been supported through the Entrepreneurship Facilitator Services - www.nutricorelabs.com

Wednesday September 29

11am - 12pm - How to Build Your Network & Profile on Linked In - Wendy Perry

Do you need to pay some attention to your LinkedIn profile? And do more to get it to work well for you? Networking is the thing that many of you rely upon for collaboration and customers, events and projects, sales and work. 


Whilst you may not be able to meet new people for a while like you did in the past, the more you network online then the more powerful it becomes, generating positivity and support.

Making connections with people you know, to people you want to know around the world, is why LinkedIn should be key to your professional networking.

With 30 000 connections, 29 500+ followers and 15 000+ members in groups, you’ll learn the techniques that Wendy Perry, Managing Director, Workforce BluePrint and Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Switch Start Scale, uses to build her global network, gaining introductions to leaders and VIPs, offers of work and speaking gigs all over the world.

2pm - 3pm - MVP: Minimum Problem or Minimum Solution? - Robert Sayegh

In this highly engaging session that explores just how to nail your MVP, hear from Robert Sayegh, a consultant with deep experience in bringing innovation to market. 


Robert has been developing technology for over 30 years in market leading companies such as Intel, IBM, Medtronic and startups and has 15 years experience developing MedTech products.


Robert's unique expertise has been shaped through various roles covering the full product lifecycle from concept to market, as engineer, manager, and consultant – in research, labs, development, clinical trials and endless interactions with clinics, regulatory, production, sales, marketing and other stakeholders.

3.30pm - 4.30pm - Maximise Your Success with Tenders & Grants - Toni Raso

It is not easy to get in front of Big Businesses, Councils, State and Federal Governments. How do you tell the differences between EOIs, RFQs and RFTs? In this online workshop Toni Raso will share:

• Where to find procurement and grant opportunities
• How to decide what's worth applying for
• Steps to build a library of content for every grant or tender
• Strategies and techniques for creating, writing, and managing compelling submissions
• Tips for compliant, competitive, and professional responses with supporting documentation


Toni Raso is a Bid Strategist and Tender Conqueror who founded “A Better Bid” in January 2018. Toni’s postgraduate qualifications and experience in public and private sectors have helped small, family-owned businesses through to multinationals, improve processes and get better outcomes in grant and tender submissions. Industries include Education, Health, Cleaning, Security, Law, Marketing, Manufacturing, Disability Providers, ICT, Recruitment, and Facilities Management.

Thursday September 30

12pm - 1pm - How to Make Sure your Website is Working as a Sales Tool - Liz Haselgrove

Your website is one of the key tools in your sales funnel. It's where most potential clients or customers will visit to get more information about you and make that final decision about whether to spend their hard-earned cash with you, or someone else. So, it's critical that your website is set up to maximise this opportunity to Close The Deal. 


This workshop will go through some easy wins and powerful strategies that I have proven work, time and again. I will also include an easy-to-follow structure for your home page so that you can implement these changes straight away.

Liz began studying Business and Strategy at the age of 16 when she did a National Diploma in Business and then went on to do a BA(Hons) Degree in Business in Cambridge, UK. After cutting her teeth in some of the most challenging work environments (such as the trading floor at National Australia Bank, for the Head of International Sales at Burberry and in product development at Google), she left the 'corporate world' in 2005 to work with small businesses and start-ups. Since then, Liz has been helping smaller businesses to be successful, has run her own successful retail business in London.

2pm - 3pm - A Mini Adventure into a Massive Market - David McCann

In this one hour webinar, David McCann from Mini Mammoth Games will walk you through the basics of the emerging hypercasual mobile games market, as well as lessons learned.

Laying out the history and major players, providing an example of how new startups can enter the game development space by detailing the Mini Mammoth Games strategy.

Friday October 1

10am - 11am - Driving Digital Innovation During CoVid - A First Hand Experience - Claire Maradani

Kicking off October Business Month in the Northern Territory will be Claire Maradani, Managing Director of Treeti Business Consulting, talking about what it looks like driving digital innovation inside a fast paced, high customer service operation while navigating ongoing economic uncertainty.

Claire is a well-respected Business Improvement Specialist and Leadership Consultant throughout Australia. Treeti Business Consulting was awarded ICTNT ICT Business of the Year in 2019 and has been instrumental in the recovery of SME’s in the NT during the COVID pandemic and continues to support businesses in the rebound. Claire’s focus is on infrastructure for growth for businesses as well as organisational culture, leadership and management of teams and individuals across a broad spectrum of companies and industries.


Driving Digital Innovation inside a pandemic – is an in depth look at how a SME has managed growth and sustained employment of a team based around Australia, while constantly driving innovation to improve business efficiencies and effectiveness and productising what we do in order to be more covid responsive - effectively turning a business model on its head.

11am - 12pm - Keynote Presentation: Collette Dinnigan AO

Collette Dinnigan is one of the country’s most successful and celebrated fashion and interior designers. In 2017 Collette was awarded an Order of Australia, and was also the Special Guest Editor for Vogue Living’s ‘Italian’ issue.


Collette became the first Australian to mount a full-scale ready-to-wear collection in Paris in October 1995, and in 1996 was invited by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture to show on the prestigious Paris Fashion Week schedule. In 2008, she was invited to join the esteemed executive board of the organization.

Collette was no overnight success. Hard work and passionate attention to detail have driven her to become Australia’s most lauded designer. Her list of awards is long. She won Australian Designer of the Year in 1996, and, most notably, the Louis Vuitton’s Business Award in 1997.


She received the Award for Excellence from Fashion Group International in 1998. The same year she was appointed Chairperson of The New South Wales Small Business Development Corporation, having previously participated as an advisor to the South Australian Wool Board.