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A-Team Profile

If you're new to Personality Profiling the A-Team's own profiling tool is a great way to test the water! This is a totally non-accredited - non-psychologist approved simple way to start to understand why those little personality traits of the person who sits next to you - despite being a  great person - kinda' annoy you. Which mould do you fit...

  • Mr.T - Colourful - Brash - Get it Done & Look Good Doing It.

  • Hannibal - The Driver - Who Cares How it Looks Just Get it Done.

  • Amy 'Triple A' Allen - The People Person - Glue Keeping It Together.

  • Murdoch - The Misunderstood Intellectual Introvert.


A-Team Profiling sessions include:

  • Simple Profile Assessment Tool

  • Profile Session focussed on Team Dynamics

  • A1 Way to Identify a Persons Profile Fit


D.I.S.C. Profile

DISC profiling is commonly used in various contexts, such as team building, leadership development, and conflict resolution, to help individuals and organizations better understand their own and others' behavior, communication styles, and preferences. Disc explores traits including:

  • Dominance - How we respond to problems & challenges.

  • Influence - How we respond to people & contact.

  • Steadiness - How we respond to pace & consistency.

  • Compliance - How we respond to procedures & constraints.


Disc Profiling sessions include:

  • Individual Disc Profile Assessment

  • Individual Disc Profile Report

  • Group Workshop focussed on Profiles & Teamwork


Strength Profile

Strengths Profile uncovers an individual’s strengths in a multitude of different fields. 180 questions focussing on 60 different strengths in 4 quadrants – Realised Strengths, Unrealised Strengths, Learned Behaviour and Weaknesses. For Individuals, research shows that people who use their strengths more:

  • Perform better at work & are more engaged

  • More resilient & experience less stress

  • More confidence & more likely to achieve goals

  • Are happier & experience higher levels of energy and vitality


Individual Strengths Profile sessions include:

  • Expert Strengths Profile Assessment

  • Expert Strengths Profile Report

  • A one-hour insights and coaching session

  • Strategies to achieve work & personal life goals



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