Here at the Alt-Collective we work to explore what success looks like to you and ways we can help you achieve it – from re-affirming your Vision & Purpose, refining your Unique Selling Point, Benchmarking your Business to Industry standards, finding Balance in Business – support can be tailored to what you need. They say it takes a Village to raise a child and we think the same applies in small business – it’s our aim to link you in with the Village you need to succeed. It all starts here…

1-on-1 Sessions​​

1on1 Sessions are tailored to the business owner and provide the opportunity to explore individual needs. Whether you’re seeking financial support from public or private institutions and need help pulling your business plan together, or just wanting to ‘shoot the breeze’ about business and the challenges involved. Whether it’s a ‘shoulder to lean on’ or a ‘kick in the pants’ you need we’re happy to just be a small part in the journey!

Group Sessions​​

They say you have 70% more chance of succeeding when you work collectively with like-minded businesses. Involving 6-8 participants our Group Sessions are about exploring various small business topics and hearing from local success stories – all while connecting and collaborating with fellow small business owners.

Special Events

Special events are about inspiring and motivating small business to achieve. There are loads of high achieving business people doing great things in our region and our Special Events are about bringing these stories to life and uncovering the secrets on how to successfully share your passions through small business.

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